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Zombiearth craves your flesh!

Zombiearth, infecting the world one person at a time.

What we bring

Zombiearth has one book out, with 2ombiearth: Decimation well underway. Follow Stan Riley and his fellow survivors as they make the difficult choices to adapt to the devolving world around them. Experience just a small portion if Earth as it turns into Zombiearth. With threats looming around every corner, living and undead, how is survival possible?

Who we are

Stephen O’Pry has found his passion in writing, by introducing characters people can relate to. Zombiearth is the first book out of the series with many more to come. 2ombiearth: Decimation follows the survivors from Zombiearth where as Zombi3arth: Genesis will expand to show the start and cause of the zombie outbreak across the globe.Other projects are in various stages of development as well. From interactive fiction with stories revolving around private investigation, an alternate world during a Roman Empire era, an old western, Zombiearth: Choose Your Fate, and some other top secret CYOA stories. Zombiearth: Choose Your Fate will put the reader into the Zombiearth Universe, while telling the backstory of a sibling trio, the reader will be able to control not only their destiny, but also four family members/friends.Plans for a time travel series, fantasy about demigods, and countless other ideas are also in the works.

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