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Your Extinction awaits at the hands of Doc Volz at #evilexpo

There’s PROBABLY an escape!

What the Doc Brings

EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT ESCAPE ROOM! An asteroid the size of Wyoming is on a direct collision course with Earth.  And, although normally you wouldn’t think twice about the murder of a few hundred thousand useless sheeple, this is different.  How do you make them rue the day if the entire planet is destroyed?  I mean… there is revenge and then there is losing your underground lair that you just had redecorated.So, since the rest of half-wit humanity is completely incapable of saving itself you have liberated a mobile nuclear launch team of their lives and plan to re-program their missile to deflect the asteroid.  The only problem is they have hidden the launch keys and protected them with impossible puzzles.  You and your minions will have to use your superior intellect to turn the 5 keys at once before the time runs out or it’s an end to all your evil plans once and for all!”

Who I am

Doc Volz is a mesmerist, mad scientist and medicine man who has traveled the ‘verse entertaining, educating and eradicating audiences everywhere.


Winner of the International Brotherhood of Magicians “People’s Choice Award” he has traveled the world on major cruise lines, on large stages around the world (including opening for Randy Travis for an audience of 45,000) and even appeared on TV with Penn & Teller.

Magic Comedian

From stealing watches from audience members to cutting his arm off with copious amounts of (obviously fake) blood “Doc” Volz can entertain any demographic with surprising belly laughs!  His show is unpredictable, funny and filled with improv and audience participation.

Described by his fellow professors at Miskatonic U. as a “”chrono-tard,”” he has traveled extensively through time, space and the mysterious 3rd dimension.  His unintentionally extended stay in (what are now termed) the “”dark”” ages heavily influenced his career as an inventor and healer.  Once described by Leonarda DiVinci as “”most helpful in entertaining Miss Lisa” prior to her portrait sitting he is also the very man that Nicola Tesla named “”most likely to electrocute his damned fool self.”The good doctor has crashed… sorry… chosen to visit Evil Expo this year in order to demonstrate many of his new inventions such as the re-folliculator (instant hair-regrowth for the follicle impaired), chrono-tardi-cellerator (a portable time machine), biotelemetric disapparator (teleportation – hopefully without all that messy turning someone inside-out again rot) and of course his celebrated and much anticipated high potency, liver-regulated, gastro-pepto-emulsifying elixir of life.All victi…   volunteers will be welcome.

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