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When a plain old mask just won’t do @Critical.Mask

I digest found or thrift store items & regurgitate them

What I bring

As an unemployed recluse in 2020 during the pandemic, Teo Pulgar started kit-bashing mostly found materials or thrift bought items into other worldly sculpts in his basement. Ranging from a wide array of themes that stretch between the retro futuristic, to cyber goth display artifacts, to bio mechanical displays or wearables, Teo then garnered attention with these artifacts on Instagram as @critical.mask. He is thankful to finally have his work exhibited for the first time here at the Evil Expo. Also as a cosplayer, he is a member of The Paladins of Cosplay who’s forays in the Comic-Con circuits, brought beloved villains to life such as The Night King (Game of Thrones), Darth Maul (Star Wars) Man-Bat (a Batman anti-hero) and The Batman Who Laughs. He will also debut a reimagined villain from the Star Trek universe called The Borg King. The Borg are a race of cybernetically enhanced beings who “assimilate” other races into their group, in an effort to become “the” perfect race.

Who I am

Teo’s works incorporate various mixed media materials & also uses narrative video which showcases his creations. He has an MFA in media arts production from City College of NY and a BA in architecture from Pratt Institute. After engaging in his newfound love for sculpt assemblages during the pandemic he’s finally come to terms that he IS an artist, and proud to be one.

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