Virtual Halloween With Evil Expo

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Know what I’m doing this Halloween? Same thing I do every Halloween: I’m putting a truckload of candy in a basket outside my door and hanging out on the Internet. I figured I’d make it official.If we’re able to have more outdoor events in October, fantastic!

But if not, you’re all invited to join me online – I’ll be streaming to Facebook and Youtube, with a few fine friends.

Go ahead! Dress up! Share pictures of your costumes! Send us photos of all the candy you’re eating! (I don’t eat candy, but I like pictures.)

Maybe we’ll do a livestream. Maybe we’ll show a classic, public-domain scary movie or two. Maybe I’ll attempt to carve a Jack-O-Lantern on camera, and there will be hilarity and much failure.You might as well RSVP. This is your backup plan if we’re not going outside in October. And if we are, I’m STILL staying inside, because I got books to write and events to plan. As always.

Yours truly,

Jeff Mach

Written by Jeffrey Mach

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