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Villainous Makeovers #evilexpo

How can you look your Villainpunk best?

What we bring

Now, there’s makeovers and makeovers. If this were a reality TV show, we’d disrespect how you currently look and tell you that a makeover is essential. Than you’d send your army of Ginormo-Bots to politely remove our heads from our bodies and switch them around until we reconsidered negging Villainpunks, which is frankly always a terrible idea.In our Makeover discussion, we’ll simply give you ideas on how to be more fabulously intimidating. We’re masters of accessorizing, giving constructive critique on your visual identity, and offering helpful suggestions on how you can make it absolutely clear, when you walk into a room, that you’re a serious Antagonist.Bring your questions! Bring your ideas! Bring your own Villainous tips and pointers!We’re serious about making bad look awesome.

Who we are

We might be monsters, but some of us are very well-dressed monsters

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