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Villainous Makeover Ideas

Where Villainpunks and their Colleagues Intensify Their Outfits and Gear

Where The Worst Come To Look Their Best

What to expect

If there’s one thing Villains should know how to do, it’s destroy the heroes and crush their pitiful resistance. If there are TWO things Villains should know, the first would be the crushy thing, and the second would be accessorizing.

Seriously, what ought a Villainpunk wear? Capes? Monocles? Goggles? Fangs? Platform heels?

(Yes! Any of the above! Or all of the above, especially if you’re the 1970s full-makeup version of “Kiss”.)

You have to check this out! (Okay. You don’t HAVE to. But you’ll be really glad if you do.)

Because pur shadowy cabal of experts will give YOU advice on how to up your couture, regardless of your budget, or whether or not you know what “couture” means (I think it’s a kind of rabbit). We’ll give you suggestions for how to inspire awe and terror in your foes, your co-workers, and everyone else around you.Come learn how to up your garb game with us!

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Some Deviously Fashionable Monsters.

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