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Villain Authors Panel @ #evilexpo

Evil Expo presents a splendid selection of authors who create fascinating Villains!

What we do

Villainpunk is a wide and accepting genre. Authors don’t have to identify as Villainpunk creators in order to qualify—f you create great Villains, and you’re a great writer, this is the panel for you!

We bring together a variety of Villain-writing wordsmiths to discuss that enthralling aspect of literature: The Villain!

What is Villainpunk?

As coined by Jeff Mach, villainpunk is a genre or a fictional aesthetic wherein the villains or supervillains play the substantial role as protagonist, celebrating villainous storytelling and lore in all its great and terrible glory. Including, but not limited to, stories about henchpeople, rogues, cads, minions, anti-heroes, the misunderstood, the mad, the devils, the iron-willed, the passionately evil, and the downright villainous. Villainpunk encompasses worlds or multi-verses full of evil plots, secret lairs, world domination, necessary and unnecessary body augmentations, and other nefarious life goals.

Who we are

At THIS VERY MOMENT, our authors are engaging in a bloody Battle Royale to see who gets to be on this panel!We’ll notify you which ones survived in a few weeks, if they haven’t destroyed the globe first.

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