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Victoria Price Horror Princess Shall Arise for #evilexpo

What Victoria Brings to the Table

As an inspirational speaker, author, blogger, consultant, coach and interspiritual minister, Victoria Price encourages each of us to co-create a Legacy of Love through heart-centered practice that can heal our planet.

Along with writing her popular blog, Daily Practice of Joy, Victoria is the author of three books — her 2018 inspirational memoir, The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self; the critically-acclaimed Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography, and her latest book — Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life.

In 2016, after living in New Mexico for 25 years,Victoria began a nomadic life. Over four years later, she still chooses to remain “intentionally home-free” as her core heart-centered practice. She lives on the road with her beloved dog

Who is the mysterious Victoria?

Victoria Price is the daughter of Vincent Price, the actor known as the King of Horror. In preserving and promoting her father’s legacy, Victoria shares his message of love, inspiration, connection and joy with his fans around the world.

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