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The Villainpunk Cookbook!

: THE VILLAINPUNK COOKBOOK: “How to Cook Forty Humans.” 


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AVAILABLE on Feb 21, 2021


WHERE WOULD VILLAINS, ROGUES, RASCALS, AND SCOUNDRELS BE . . . without sumptuous meals upon which to dine in celebration of the recent and/or upcoming defeat of our enemies? Well, for one thing, we would be hungry, and complaining bitterly about the lack of gin.

Within the pages of this tome, you will find recipes old and new, traditional and groundbreaking, all re-imagined through the Mad Science of Villainpunk cookery! It is our goal to make the world a more ridiculous, a more sublime, a more delicious place, so that our eventual dominion will be all the sweeter.

Jeff Mach is the best-selling author of There and NEVER, EVER BACK AGAIN: A Dark Lord’s Diary. #1 best-seller on Amazon with nearly 250 reviews!

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“I bought this book fully anticipating that it would be packed with the carefully-crafted sardonic wit that typifies the author’s Twitter feed. What I didn’t expect was exactly how much it makes you THINK.”


Jeff is a writer, creator, event promoter, and builder of ideas. He’s put on some of the world’s most iconic events of geeks, nerds, Steampunks, weirdos, and unusual people – including the upcoming EVIL EXPO ONLINE! (Don’t forget to grab your tickets now!)

Jeff has been writing for some thirty years now. His influences include Neil Gaiman, Ursula LeGuin, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett. Also – he really, really thinks Darth Vader is cool.

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If you want to connect with Jeff on Twitter, you can do so here: Dark Lords | Villains | Monsters | Events | Books (@darklordjournal) / Twitter

Written by Jeffrey Mach

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