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The taste of GOBLIN ALCHEMY at #evilexpo

Potions, Elixirs, Libations – Drink Up

What are we bringing?

Goblin Alchemy is a mead brand partnered with a Pennsylvania based winery Deerfoot Vineyards and Winery. Our mead and mead labels embody a time of high adventure, the spirit of fantasy a realm of fantastical creatures that embolden the imagination. We support local artists, sponsoring the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards’ Best Metal Band award winners Suicide Puppets as well as local Disturbed tribute band Stricken.

We’ll be representing the Goblin Alchemy brand and merchandising and Supporting our friends Suicide Puppets as they entertain all of you.

Who is Goblin Alchemy?

Goblin Alchemy started as a home brew. We invited friends to our regular Dungeons and Dragons game. We, of course, brought mead. One of our players happens to own Deerfoot Vineyards and Winery. They convinced us to partner with them to bring the Goblin Alchemy mead brand to life.

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Written by Villain Support

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