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The Semi-Live Dr Steel Show!

Steelworks – World Domination Enterprises. Gluten-Free World Domination! Imagine. Manifest. Create.

What we bring

Semi-Live video presentation including songs from the recently released “Rebirth” album.

Who I am?

To the Inhabitants of Planet Earth, Greetings.
I am Dr J Thaddeus Steel, and I cannot confirm nor deny that I may or may not, in point of fact, be quite mad. Continuing the creative legacy of my predecessor Phineas, I too seek to transform the World through song, comedy, and other creative endeavors into our Utopian Playland… A World where acceptance, imagination, fun, creativity, individuality, and play are the top priority. Long story short, the World has forgotten how important these things are, regardless of your age. In these difficult times, where the world is ravaged by plague and boredom, I seek to remind humanity that fun has no age limit, while I attempt to take over the world and make it a better place… for all of us.

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It’s Denny and The Museum of Interesting Things!

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