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The Gilt and Fanfare Magical Emporium

From the creators of Evil Expo, as well as The Catskills Halloween City Market, the largest Halloween Market on the East Coast, comes the largest Steampunk, Magickal, Fairyland, Wonderland, Artisanal/Creator Market of its kind – and we want YOU to come! Yes you! All you unusual humans, all you lovers of the unique, strange, unexpectedly delightful, and marvelously not-normal…

The Gilt and Fanfare Magical Emporium A unique Vendor Market celebrating the creative magick of Spring! Come to the world’s only science fiction / magickal / oddity / Renfaire shopping/exploring extravaganza!  

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IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t have to stay at the Resort for the Fireworks, the Bonfire, the S’mores, or the weekend entertainment, BUT… you’ll get better access, you can see more of the show, you can relax on their beautiful grounds.Call 518-634-2541 to arrange for your room and meals today – The 2021 Halloween City Vendor & Oddities Market sold out VERY fast…this show’s going to sell out, too!

What is this magical, renfaire, steampunk, fandom, multi-genre, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, alice-in-wonderland, post-apocalyptic steampunk circus halloween faerie festival?

It’s the Market of Wonders, the Goblin Trading Post, the Bazaar of the Beyond Bizarre, the most incredible place to buy and sell the most incredible things in this and any other world. And that’s just where it starts!<

Come dressed in your finest (or your very worst; see if we care!) – and leave behind the illusion of the boring, everyday world. Time for a bit of Circus Magic, a flurry of Faerie Dust, and, most of all, a frenzy of shopping which would put The Last Shopping Mall of the Universe to shame.

We, the people of Gilt and Fanfare, who are very definitely humans and certainly not Faeries or Time-Travellers and absolutely, positively not refugees from some kind of magickal Circus, have returned to a place that we have loved for over one hundred of your Earth years. (Sorry. “Our” Earth years. We’re all Earthlings, just like you are.)

The Sky is our Big Top and the Moon is the apex of our Ferris Wheel; our Midway is packed with artists, artisans, and creators, and our Carnival awaits you with games of chance and skill. There’ll be feasting and dancing and glasses of the good stuff for sale from your hosts, the Blackthorne.

Come, you misfits, you strangelings, you rogues, come Seelie and Unseelie, come, step into a top-hatted world where three rings aren’t enough to contain even a moment of the mad Circus that is our world.

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