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The Evil Expo 2021 Costume & Cosplay Contest

Show off your most Villainous garb!

What it is all about

The Evil Expo Costume Contest is a tradition over 12,000 years old. However, it was first made available to the general public last year. You should definitely feel special, dearest Villains.Bear in mind: Since many Villains ALREADY wear outlandish garb in order to strike appropriate fear and/or awe into the hearts and minds of those around them, we welcome you whether what you wear is a ‘costume’, or your everyday wear. Points will be awarded for creativity, villainousity, and your ability to surprise and delight us.This contest is all-ages.We shall award fabulous prizes, plus bragging rights!

Who we are

We are a shadowy cabal of costuming expert, cosplayers, exoskeleton designers, armourers, sneaky connivers who somehow got on the panel despite the fact that they’re from the 28th century and have no idea what ‘normal’ clothing looks like, and other assorted fashionable rogues.

Written by Villain Support

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