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The Crafting Skills of Old Bones Designs

Unique Jewelry & Oddities for Uniquely Odd People

What we bring to Evil Expo

Old Bones Designs creates an assortment of  Halloween & Gothic decor as well unique antiques & oddities to the show, as well handcrafted fine jewelry and art work. Stop by our website to have a look at some of what we’ve created.

Who we are

As an eclectic creative artisanal shop, it’s hard to put Old Bones into just a few words. I love Halloween, oddities, and am a practicing Wiccan. I incorporate all of these things into what I create and in my travels, I’m always on the lookout for unique and interesting things which I can offer to you. Come on by!

Written by Villain Support

One day the world was in turmoil and all across the land the wrong kind of evil was doing all kinds of things. Then one day Borden Tech. The end.

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