The Best Villains to Cosplay! #evilexpo

Heroes are fun to cosplay, but villains are so much better. Who wants to be a goody-goody when you can be a bad-ass villain? Someone(or something) that sports the enchanting, cunning, and fierce nature that heroes sorely lack. The following is a list of villains that are the most enchanting, and the most cunning. A list of villains that are sure to give you a good time next time you need a good cosplay. So open your supply closet, practice your evil laugh, and log in to your amazon account. Because it’s about to get evil!


When thinking of Harry Potter, you might initially think of the dark lord himself Voldemort, but trust me, Bellatrix Lestrange is where it’s at. For her, you’ll need all black attire. A corset, renaissance-era dress, full-arm leather gloves, a replica wand, and a crazy, almost mangy long, curly hair whether by wig or curling iron. You’ll also need to make or buy a replica wand.

#2 The Master – Doctor Who

The Master is like a classic James Bond villain, but so much cooler. The best part about cosplaying The Master is that there are many incarnations of The Master to fit whatever look you want. If you want to go with the classic Roger Delgado Master, you’ll need a Cardin-Nehru jacket, some black pants and shoes, and, preferably, a goatee.

#3 Captain Cold – The Flash

Captain Cold, once a fairly obscure character, has received some attention in recent years for his appearances in the Arrowverse. Specifically in The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. An arch-nemesis of The Flash, to cosplay Captain Cold you’ll need a fur-lined dark blue parka, a black thermal long-sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans, black shoes, a pair of black gloves, some tactical goggles, and an ice ray that you can make by custom-painting a nerf gun.

#4 Dracula

Dracula is a classic, both literally and figuratively. Fun fact: the first time Dracula appeared in his iconic look was in the stage play that the 1930 Bela Lugosi film was based off of. The costume was designed to be cheap, as the play was produced during The Great Depression. For this cosplay, you’ll need the following:  A dark red or black Victorian coat, a white dress shirt, pointed ears, fake fangs, a vampire-esque cape, and ideally some white foundation and fake blood.

#5 The Joker – Batman

You can’t talk about cosplaying villains without mentioning The Joker. Whether going for the deranged and messy Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight, or the more clean-cut Joker that Joaquin Phoenix portrayed recently in Joker, you’ll probably need some green hair(either using a wig or hair dye) and some white and red face paints(you’ll also need blue if you’re going with the Joaquin Phoenix version). For Heath Ledger’s Joker, you’ll need a green vest, a blue button-down shirt, a tie that’s a mix of the two colors, and a deep purple coat. If you’re going for Joaquin Phoenix, you’ll need a deep blue button-down, a yellow-orange vest, and a blood orange jacket. Happy laughing!


Captain Hook is one of the most iconic Disney villains of all time. To add to that, he's also one of the easiest to cosplay! All you'll need is a cheap pirate costume. Then you can customize it to look more like Captain James Hook! Whether that's by adding red, extending the hat, wearing a black wig, adding his icon hook, or whatever you need!


Red Skull is one of the coolest Marvel villains to cosplay. All you'll need is a World War II-era costume and some red face paint. Bonus points if you also wear a bald cap!

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