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Steven Brust heading to #evilexpo

A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery —Skyler White

What he will be doing

Hey, we’re not going to tell a self-deprecating badass what to do. We’re Villains, not fools.

Who he is

Steven Brust is the bestselling author of Issola, Dragon, The Phoenix Guards, Five Hundred Years After, and To Reign in Hell, among many others (over 31 books!) Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and raised in a family of Hungarian labor organizers, he worked as a musician and a computer programmer before coming to prominence as a writer in 1983 with Jhereg, the first of his novels about Vlad Taltos, a human professional assassin in a world dominated by long-lived, magically-empowered human-like “Dragaerans.”Over the next several years, several more “Taltos” novels followed, interspersed with other work, including To Reign in Hell, a fantasy re-working of Milton’s war in Heaven; The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, a contemporary fantasy based on Hungarian folktales; and a science fiction novel, Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grille. The most recent “Taltos” novels are Dragon and Issola. In 1991, with The Phoenix Guards, Brust began another series, set a thousand years earlier than the Taltos books; its sequels are Five Hundred Years After and the three volumes of “The Viscount of Adrilankha”: The Paths of the Dead, The Lord of Castle Black, and Sethra Lavode.While writing, Brust has continued to work as a musician, playing drums for the legendary band Cats Laughing and recording an album of his own work, A Rose for Iconoclastes.He has written some of the songs for the Worldbeat band Boiled In Lead, including, particularly, Songs From The Gypsy, which is the recording of a cycle of songs he  wrote with ex-BiL guitarist Adam Stemple, which cycle turned into a novel he co-authored with Megan Lindholm.

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