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    When Heros get in your way how do you deal with them?

    • Kill Heros On Sight
    • They have fallen into a trap you set.
    • They can’t prove the jewels in my car were stolen by me. I will sue them.
    • My Minions ATTACK!
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    Rumors spread that you are responsible for attacking a hero. What will you do as a leader?

    • I donate a billion dollars to an orphanage and spend 50,000 to publicize it.
    • I will hack the cell phone tower grid and use it to microwave the entire city.
    • The witnesses will see it my way once my minions find them.
    • The mayor is in my pocket. Rumors mean nothing.
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    A Group of Heros discover your secret base!

    • How did I get here? Where am I?
    • You destroy them with your Staff of Hatred
    • I press my emergency button and 1000 evil robots slay them all!
    • You designed your base like a maze of horrors that no one can escape without your digital key and they all go insane and get lost for ever.
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    You win big at a casino. What will you spend your money on?

    • Training and weapons for minions.
    • A complicated sinister death ray.
    • Bribe yourself into owning countries.
    • Divide it equally among your minions to ensure loyalty.
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    You discover that one of your close minions is a spy!

    • Tell no one. Leak false information to the spy to control your enemies movements.
    • Public execution for the spy.
    • The spy vanishes and no one is the wiser.
    • Use the spy for science experiments.
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    You finally control the world. No governments left can destroy your evil corporation.

    • Live without worry while the highest technology sees to your every need.
    • I allow countries to keep their flags and govern themselves, while secretly I control every single thing in the world.
    • I evolve a mutation army of perfect monsterous villainous minions and replace all of humanity with my creations.
    • Chip them all. If they displease me I turn their chip off. If they please me I leave their chip on. The chip allows buying, selling and travel.

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