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Sponsorship, Marketing, and Shameless Promotion

The best, most targeted marketing a monster can get!

Marketing and shout-outs are increasingly difficult in a noisy social media world. We’ve spent the past twenty years doing marketing and promotions, and it’s our goal to make you get heard, the right way, by the right people. You want excellent results; we want a small but delightful piece of your marketing budget. We’re prefect together.

Ask yourself:

Are YOU as fabulously wealthy as a Villain of your charm and character ought to be?

There are two basic keys to success in business: Retrieving your Ring of Power from those pesky Hobbits who have stolen what is rightfully yours; and good marketing to an appreciative audience.

Our Ringwraith services are already completely booked, but we can help you with the marketing part. YOU can advertise with us, and it won’t cost you an arm and/or a leg, nor will it be necessary for you to dig up your chest of plundered doubloons, although honestly, if we had a chest of plundered doubloons, we would dig it up every once in a while just to look at it.

Whether you’re a business looking to up your game, or an attendee looking to having a bigger, better experience, we’re here to help! (And we promise not to swallow your soul, too. How many other outlets can offer that?

Shout Outs / Classifieds

The Simplest And Most Powerful Technique: take oute a Classified ad (on website and playbill) – Show people you love and appreciate them! Showcase your business or just give friends and performers the thrill of seeing themselves on the prestigious Evil Expo website! $20 for up to 20 words, $40 for 100 words. That INCLUDES one website link in the $20 version, and up to 3 in the $40 version.

Website banner: $150 per two months to get into our banner rotation. This is the recommended program. Alternately, you can pay us $10,000 for two months. That’s a bad idea, but we won’t stop you.

Add Social Media: Combine this with a shout-out, or do it on its own: two tweets to our 30,000-like Twitter account, AND two FB posts to our 7,000-like Evil Expo page and our 5500-like Dark Lord Journal page.

And! Get a full-color Playbill Ad! Quarter page ad: $50.  Half-page ad, $80. Full-page ad, $125. We can also design it for you for an additional fee, but please speak to us; we’d like to save you money if we can.


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Written by Jeffrey Mach

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