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Rusty Gilligan is coming to #evilexpo

comic and film artist

What Rusty Brings

Rusty will be speaking from his extensive experience as an artist and a creator of unusual and interesting visual and mental concepts!

Who Rusty is

Rusty Gilligan began his entertainment career as an actor in NY, first appearing on Broadway and then moving to Calif. to appear on television in such productions as Little House on the Prairie, Family Affair, Police Woman, and Disney television including the original Pete’s Dragon. He began his work as a professional comic book and film artist since 1978, with his formal debut as an artist on the original “Heavy Metal” 1981 film. Since then, Rusty has worked on such films as The Avengers; The Walking Dead; Captain America: The First Avenger; Spider-Man 2 & 3 and art for many comic book and trading card projects. He’s provided work for Marvel, DC, Image, Big Bang, Dynamite Comics, and many licensing projects to include: Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Ent., Dr. Who, Night of the Living Dead, Vampirella, Major League Baseball, Cartoon Network, and many others. Aside from creating the first sketch cards in the commercial market, he’s designed and provided trading card art for Topps, Clubhouse Diamonds, Cryptozoic, Dynamite, Upper Deck, and Leaf just to name a few. Recently, Rusty has been providing voice over work for films such as Carrotman, Dagon, The Man, Left 4 Dead, and production art for a few new films. He currently publishes comic books based on his Mac and Trouble and Symbol properties… and is currently working on a Mac and Trouble film. He is listed on IMDB and Comic Book Database.

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