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The Necronomnomnom is a Lovecraftian recipe book – done in the style of an ancient grimoire of eldritch power! It is lavishly illustrated by Kurt Komoda, and features 50 recipes including everything from drinks to dessert – all written as spells for summoning forth gastronomic horrors to torture the eye and delight the tongue! Perfect for themed parties, Halloween, game night fare, or just cooking up something creative for yourself or family. The book is heavily seasoned with puns that don’t stop at the recipe titles. Mad scrawlings and scribbles fill the margins – as one would expect in such a tome. The book has something for everyone, and contains a handy appendix where all the recipes are translated into easy to follow instructions for less advanced cultists and investigators.
Sample such delights as The Gin & Miskatonic and At the Fountains of Madness from the Drinks section; the Cultists in Robes and Shogg-Pockets from the children’s menu; and the classic Albino Penguin Au Vin Blanc, or if you prefer something simpler – the Sandwich Horror, from the Entree offerings. Plus many more! The bad puns are all local author Mike Slater’s fault, and the work is full of genre and pop culture references sure to make you giggle madly as you whip up something for hapless guests and friends.
208 pages, 100 illustrations, oversized 8.5 x 10.5″ Gorgeous embossed foil cover, $30, signed by the author.

Who we Are

Red Duke Games is a small game design house based just outside of Philadelphia. We specialize in darkly humorous (and some just plain dark, and some just plain humorous) games and books. The Necronomnomnom’s eldritch power launched us, and now Tom Roache (Chief Culinary Executive and President) and Mike Slater (Chief Cultist and Author Guy) are busy designing new games for all ages. Mike has a new book in the works, and has had several short stories featured in various dark corners and mysterious tomes.

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