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Rahaman Writing Will be at the precious Evil Expo 2021!

Rahaman Writing is run by the cold and unusually brutal Canadian, Reyadh Rahaman. He writes mostly Dark Fantasy and Horror, and is also a demonic entity granted the title of Baron of Beholders for his deeds in the Hell long ago.

As of right now, I plan to simply be a part of some panels, if possible. All of which involve talking about writing, horror, and/or Dark Fantasy. This includes the success/failures of my written work as well as tips/advice that I will be freely giving to others. Though my appearance at Evil Expo may evolve, this is the current plan.

Life is cycle of going to sleep and awakening as a slightly different person. We do this on a strict schedule until we die, which may seem grim to some, but to me it makes sense. What’s important is not to focus on what you are given, but how you can use it to your advantage.

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