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Brian AKA Pyro Sadist has been in the scene for over two decades.

Brian is fairly well known as being a “bit off” and fascinated by fire As a child there were several fires of unexplained origin in his neighborhood that had nothing in common….except that Brian seemed to be always nearby with a bag of marshmallows and several books of matches.

To this day whenever there is a bonfire nearby onlookers say they frequently hear Brian cackling “Fire fire!” Apparently it is now known where that particular sound snippet from Bevis & Butthead came from. The men in the white coats have orders to keep him under surveillance and the gas stations near his house no longer fill up his gas cans.

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Written by Villain Support

One day the world was in turmoil and all across the land the wrong kind of evil was doing all kinds of things. Then one day Borden Tech. The end.

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