Vampires: the Worst Evil

Vampires: the Worst Evil

Madame X graces Evil Expo with her dark presence offering an interactive presentation intended to lift the veil, expose and demystify the serious evil that real vampires present. Be part of this first-hand account expressing what a Vampire truly is, from legend and lore to the real danger vampires pose. Realizing that a Vampire must feed, learn the importance of consensual exchange, the different types of feeding, how to protect your-self, and how the mere act of Vampirism may not a real Vampire make.
Are Vampires born that way or are they turned? And if so, does anyone have a choice in the matter? You might just be surprised to know how many are self-identified vampires there are! Sit back as The Madame shares her experiences with a variety of real Vampire Organizations across the word, and alludes to just how many vampires you might find lurking in your own backyard.
Literature and materials will be made available and there will be plenty of time for Q&A.

House of the Dreaming
Iron Garden



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January 16, 2020