V is for Villains

V is for Villains

V is for Villains is a new breed of entertainment. Mixing the visual styles of Steampunk, Carnival and Noir, with the musical taste of Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, and your favorite film score; V is for Villains will take you on a journey through the imagination that your mother couldn’t prepare you for. Most groups often say that they intend for “world domination”…V is for Villains might actually mean it….

  • “Evolve Or Die lives up to its title as a full on assault of forward thinking industrial rock!”
    — Ilker Yücel, ReGen Magazine
  • “I’m consistently impressed with the tightness of their performance and the energy they bring to the stage.”
    — Joseph Vourteque, Steampunk Chronicle
  • “One of the new sounds that make my ear drums happy to function comes from the band, V is for Villains.”
    — Sarah Price, ifrogz blog

Some people fold. Others survive. When Fifteen year old Nicholas Santiago was informed that has spinal cord had sustained a massive, life changing injury, he was presented with that exact choice. Fold or Survive? Evolve or Die? Within five months of the initial diagnosis, Nicholas was severely paralyzed and living in constant pain. After countless treatments and physical therapy sessions he sought a new way to heal. He began writing music. This music gave him a reason to live and a goal to fight for everyday. Although many battles would still be waged, and more pain would be endured, Nicholas Santiago became Mr. Agitator, and Mr. Agitator would always Survive. Over time Mr.Agitator would form V Is For Villains. If there is one truth that could be shared about them it is this: Villains Never Die.


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January 1, 2020