Yes! We’ll have a setup from the amazing people of Trundle Manor!

Billed as a roadside attraction located in Swissvale Pa., Trundle Manor is one of the few “wunderkammers” in existence on the east coast, and perhaps in the whole country. This fascinating residential artist house is created and curated by Mr.Arm and his lovely girl, Velda Von Minx.

Don’t let the “Art House” title scare you. We have always considered ourselves an old fashioned part of roadside America. Trundle Manor is currently the headquarters of the Secret Society of Odd Acquisition and is curated by the eccentric Mr Arm and Velda Von Minx. Built in 1910, Trundle Manor has become a place where a culmination of years of insane collecting and creating has found its niche.

Want to be a little creeped out? Need something different to bring your chick to? Like horror movies and want to see the beginnings of a serial killer’s obsession? Well, come on down and experience all of this and more. If you are Steampunk, Goth, rockabilly or just a little weird you will love Trundle Manor and want to come back often. Come and see our vast array of jarred animals, antique taxidermy, things for which to murder with, old world charm, sadistic medical devices, coffins and coffin like items, Steampunk influenced creations, cryptozoology, and any other thing your twisted mind will want to look at. Nothing in the Manor is rubber, latex, or fake, (except Uncle Trundle)! We pride ourselves on not filling our shelves with cheesy, fake memorabilia.

Trundle Manor thrives on donations, and that can be anything you want it to be. We love getting what people think of as an odd item but money is always good. Any money donated is put right back into the collection.

Trundle Manor is considered a bona fide tourist trap and will leave you and your family scratching your heads wondering how you ever lived without seeing our establishment before.