Traps! A Panel Discussion

Traps! A Panel Discussion

Is YOUR Secret Lair adequately trapped? If you’re a Villain–er, we mean, if you’re WRITING about a Villain in a book, film, or game, did that Villain take sensible precautions with their office/domicile/secret fortress? 

Recently we watched an early episode of “The Umbrella Stories”, and it is no real spoiler to tell you that some bad guys were able to literally knock out the lock of the mansion-headquarters, walk in, and start shooting up the place.

This is utterly ridiculous.

One of the most basic precautions you should take if you are going to become an outcast from society and survive–especially if you wish to live on your own without people stealing your inventions, your ideas, and/or your life–is making sure your lair is properly trapped.

What makes a good trap? Where should you place them? How careful should you be about distinguishing between friend or foe? Should your traps be something easily disarmed so that you can get through, or should it require a mixture of some sort of agility and cunning for even you to make it past your own systems?  Yeah, that’s dangerous, but at least you never have to turn your stuff off.  

Pit trap spike trap trap door fake door illusion trap camera trap machine gun emplacement trap WHICH ONE SHOULD A VILLAIN CHOOSE?

“James Blahh, his wrists still burning from their recently-ended restraint, looked once more at the giant button labeled ‘SELF DESTRUCT!’ Then, with desperate speed, he reached out and punched it, and immediately exploded.”


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March 17, 2019

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