The Evil Women’s Dark Art Extravaganza

The Evil Women’s Dark Art Extravaganza

Featuring art exhibit and sale plus extraordinary art auction! Madame X will be hosting, and the gallery will feature works from Lauren Curtis, Ariana Materai, Teresa DeFabrizio, and Vyna Bayne.

Madame X, High Priestess, Matriarch of House of the Dreaming and Primus of the Iron Garden, with Co-Officiant: Svengaleön, bring you a Midnight Black Mass, and invite you to Commune with the Great Triad of Gods of the Abyss. This meaningful Chaos Magick inspired ceremony has been specifically created to celebrate the Birthright of EvilExpo. Friday, January 24th, 2020, marks the birth of a new dawn for the misunderstood, the misjudged, the feared and the hated.

In this all-ages ceremony we will create sacred space and raise our astral temple with the primordial elements of Air, Fire, Water & Earth. Through our Live Altar we will invoke a fiendish Triad of Ancient Gods from the darkest recesses of The Abyss to join us and bless each of us with their divinity.

From the Nordic lands of Old Europe, we summon forth the infernal Norse Goddess Hel, Underworld Mistress, of the hellish Land of the Dead – embodied by Uzurael!
From the time before the pyramids, out of the forbidden lands of Ancient Egypt, we summon forth the fierce Goddess Shekmet, Mistress of the battlefield – embodied by Helena Wilde!

From the dark womb of Mother Earth itself and all that is primal, bestial and virile, we summon forth the great horned god Cernunnos, Lord of the Wild – embodied by Wulfsunus!

Joined by the spiritual bonds of a Community who chooses to love and value the feared and misunderstood, this night we will be strengthened by the blessings of these most powerful yet feared ancient gods. We ask that you come join us, still your hearts, and seek sage advice from this fantastic Triad of the Abyss.

This is Evil Expo’s First Sanctum! Here we will direct our energies and ready ourselves for a New Year, a brilliant First Chapter, where EvilExpo and the Community as a whole, emerge and rise with the best of blessings from the Dark Gods.


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January 13, 2020