Seance with Lady D

Seance with Lady D

Lady D will be hosting one of our Seances, and teaching her famed Seance Class.

Lady D is a Professional Psychic Medium who has been in the Industry for over 25 years.  Her knowledge is massive when it comes to Funeral Rites, Communications with Spirits as well as the historical aspects of all things regarding these matters.  Her experiences with communication with spirits revolves not only on a daily basis with readings but also with Paranormal Investigations.  Her Art of Communication will convince you that “They do exist”.  In her spare time, she volunteers as a Historian for a cemetery in her hometown.

Séance with Lady D Is a Participant Involvement event in which the participant(s) will need sign a waiver to experience the Séance.  The Séance will be held in a Victorian Parlor type setting for a true experience.  Paranormal Hunting Equipment will be used to validate communication.  Participation is limited to 30 people per sessionP.  Once the doors are closed, there will be no entry allowed as the Séance has started.  

Class: How to Perform A Séance Properly with Lady D

Lady D will be teaching the fine art of how to conduct a séance properly.  The instruction will include how to properly set a room, how to open the circle for communication, how to close the circle when you are finished with communication and how to properly protect yourself and the participants in a séance.


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December 26, 2019

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