Plunder the School of Wizardry: Evil Expo Edition

Plunder the School of Wizardry: Evil Expo Edition

In this special Evil Expo edition of the School of Wizardry you have not been invited to attend the School of Wizardry. You were left out. Treated like a lowly muggle and excluded from what is your birthright. So instead you are going to take what rightfully belongs to you: the amulet of Elbalar. Hidden by devious puzzles (that you can surely crack with your dizzying intellect) it will give you the power to remove those who slighted you from having ever been born. They will rue the day they ever heard your name. Yes. So much rueing!

(Plunder) the School of Wizardry is an escape room made for 8-12 players. But just for Evil Expo instead of earning a place in the school YOU get to bring about its ruin! Well, if you can figure out how from the clues that are left in room.

Tickets are $12/person in advance and $15 at the door. Game length is 45 minutes.


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January 2, 2020