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January 24 - 26th, 2020 | Piscataway, New Jersey

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Paul Kale is a modern day man of la mancha: No treacherous windmill is safe from his wrath.

In his youth he spent time hand loading black and Carthage’s of film, shooting 8 rolls of film a day and developing them in the bathtub. That hobby led him to taking pictures for his local fire department. When he went to his first fire he was terrified; which led him to go to Fire Fighter I then Fire Fighter II, Hazmat training, International Association of Arson Fire and Arson training schools (mostly). After being a firefighter for several years he became an instructor certified in teaching National Fire Academy Classes. While running the Day to day operations of a fire academy when he was not teaching a class he was taking one with over 1,200 of training in a five year span (taught by all of the alphabet soup agencies).

Eventually he received a BA in Law/Justice from then Glassboro State College.

His 1 weekend a month military obligation allows him to serve with heroes and utilize skill sets he acquired in previous careers

He has been an associate producer on two films. Mr. Bricks: a Heavy Metal Murder Musical and Slaughter Daughter.

He has published 27 books so far.