Patient Zero: Evil Expo Edition

Patient Zero: Evil Expo Edition

Dr. Figaro Scaramousch believes he create a cure for every disease with his nano-viruses but he will rue the day that he neglected you and your true genius. With the new combination nanobot-virus you should be able to release it and re-program the human genome and destroy everything that makes them the plague against the world that they are. Cognition. Compassion. No one ever showed those things to you so they can do without them too. And why not throw in an insatiable hunger for human flesh while you are at it!

Patient Zero is an escape room made for 8-12 players but just for Evil Expo instead of saving the day YOU get to bring about the end of the world! Well, if you can figure out how from the clues that are left in the laboratory.

Tickets are $12/person in advance and $15 at the door. Game length is 45 minutes.


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January 2, 2020