Madame X

Come meet a Real Vampire!  Madame X is a writer, creationist, and dark muse, who is an international figurehead for The Vampire Community.  Having first hand knowledge and experience with Real Vampirism since the Coven Days of the 80’s, she began producing dark creative events in the mid 90’s and has been the Matriarch of House of the Dreaming, an international vampire coven, since the year 2000.  Scholar, mystic and mistress of mayhem, she holds residence on both sides of the Atlantic, where she sets her passions on occult sciences, soul collecting and countless other wicked pursuits. 

Due of her notorious influence and seniority, she is recognized as the Prince of New Jersey’s Skylands-Gateway Halo.  Over the decades Prince Madame X has spilled some blood in the production [and resurrection] of several regional real vampire societies; namely: “The Iron Garden” NJ, “The Court of Lazarus” NY, “Black Atlantis” GA, and “Black Oaks” GA. When you surf YouTube, you may find her prowling about as an interviewer for educational subculture programs like “The Collective” and the “Vampyre Lounge”, or being summoned from the depths of hell as Leraikha on the Iron Garden Channel.

Having been featured in various Vampiric anthologies, like “The Gotham Chronicles”, “Vampires in their Own Words”, “The Sanguinomicon – Liber Calmae”, “Vampyre Almanac”, and “V” (reprinted in part as “The Black Veil”), this sinister authoress presents controversial philosophies, traditions, and techniques designed to inspire this ever-growing subculture.  The Madame unfurls her wings when it comes to Vampire awakenings, conduct, spirituality and energy work, where no tombstone is ever left unturned.  Perhaps you’ve fallen under her spell, as she is often a teacher, presenter and panelist at more than a few “Goth Cons”, “SteamPunk Cons”, “Dark Side of the Con” Cons, “Convergences” and “Legion of Doom” gatherings.  Along the same vein, she thirsts to direct, hosting, casting, and costuming for the many nefarious productions she sinks her teeth into.  Eternal artisan of performance, poetry, multimedia and general chaos, she is infamous for her avant-garde stage performances for the gothic vampire community… which, from time to time, may include feasting on human entrails to amass personal power.

Recognized as a Vampyre Grand-Elder, The Madame is a Universal Minister and Pagan High Priestess.  She particularly enjoys crafting dreadful rituals on moonless nights, dark baptisms, and dedicating human offerings to the old gods with her feline sidekick, Killer.  Being an eclectic spiritualist and a chaos magick practitioner, her views on vampyrism are sacred, often walking the razor’s edge between life, death, good and evil.  In her search for minions, she has explored most of the seven continents; so don’t be too surprised if you catch her speaking in tongues, while she gazes into your eyes.  Mystique and influence walk hand-in-hand with her creative flair in a pointed stake cultivating the interests and spiritual movement that define the true Vampire.

Madame X graces us with her dark presence at Evil Expo to lift the veil, expose and demystify the serious evil that true vampires present.  Unveiling the truth about real vampirism, she will shed light on the darkness surrounding the postmodern Vampire Culture lurking in your own backyard.  Come meet The Madame … she promises not to bite, provided you are wearing a garland of garlic!
Feel free to reach out to her at: or wherever TrueBlood is sold.

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