Evil Expo 2021

February 19-21, 2021

Piscataway, New Jersey

Evil Expo, the World's Greatest Convention For Villains and Villainy, returns! Come be a part of it!

BIG NEWS: MARCH 22nd will be our LIVESTREAM BENEFIT SHOW to help performers and vendors in need. Tickets are FREE - get them RIGHT HERE on the Facebook event!

STILL ON! Don't forget to check out our summer event, Gilt & Fanfare: A Halloween Circus Dream! (That's June 5-7th, 2021, also at the Radisson of Piscataway!)

Jeff Mach has what’s been called “the best supervillain origin story since the Joker fell into a vat of chemicals.”

He’s a writer, creator, event promoter, and a builder of ideas; he’s put on some of the world’s most iconic events for geeks, nerds, Steampunks, weirdos, and unusual people. He’s been writing for some thirty years now. He’s fascinated by thoughts gone strange, short-short science fiction, dark or strange humor, and dystopias.

Jeff is the creator of the first Steampunk Rock Opera, “Absinthe Heroes”. He’s been a practicing musician for over 30 years, and has written a number of song cycles. In 2017, he wrote “Beneath”, about the relationships between humans and monsters. Jeff’s grown increasingly fascinated with our ideas of good and evil, and the stories we tell about those things.  Also, he really, really thinks Darth Vader is cool.

Jeff Mach invented and ran The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire, The Geeky Kink Event, The Steampunk World’s Fair, The International Steampunk City, The Midsummer Magick Faire, The Anachronism NYC, Halloween in December, and numerous other events whose goals were to bring unusual people together to have a great time.

Jeff is forty-four years old and lives in Hackensack, New Jersey, with the company of his collection of several-thousand books, almost all purchased at bag sales for about a quarter a piece. He loves giving used books a new home. He prefers writing longhand, and then editing as he types things up.

Jeff’s writing influences include Neil Gaiman, Ursula LeGuin, Daniel Pinkwater, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett.