Jabbar Al-Jabbar

Jabbar Al-Jabbar

Jabbar Al-Jabbar  (Trismegistus AgaKhan O’Mallie Asotus)

Titles: Former Host current Marshall/Ambassador of the Iron Garden, Advisor/Admiral House Asotus, Founder Ordre Machiavellian Therianthropae, Initiate OBM Pax Vampyri, Knight Clan O’Mallie, Knights Templar/York Rite Freemason, Amateur Astronomer North Jersey Astronomical Group.

Amateur Astronomer (Optical Astronomy) at (NJAG) North Jersey Astronomical Group headquartered in (Montclair State University) for 5 years, Hosting Star Parties and Public Outreach Events at (UACNJ) United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey.

Certifications: Astrobiology the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, Archaeoastronomy, Astrotech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery, Big History Connection Knowledge, The Dynamic Earth.

Some of his Presentations on Extraterrestrials and Aliens include:

– Astrobiological Life in the Universe.

– (Extraterrestrials possibility of Intelligent Lifeforms) Aliens, UFO’s.

– The Fermi Paradox/Drake Equation.

– The Kardashev Scale: Type I, Type II, Type III Galactic Civilizations.


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November 10, 2019

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