Evil Expo 2020’s Villainous Cocktail Hour

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, and is one of the official drinks of Evil Expo 2020.A villain’s toast: To that which is sweet because it is stolen, that which is treasured because it was plundered, and that which is beautiful because we were forbidden from seeing it.

(Since this is an all-ages event, the bar will, of course, have mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks as well.)

Come and socialize!  Let’s meet over a couple of drinks and talk about life, the Universe, and everything, and how to conquer all of it.  All villains cordially invited!  The bar serves food as well as beverages, so purchase whatever you want to eat or drink (or if you’re not hungry or thirsty, just come hang out!) – and let’s talk, exchange ideas, and enjoy the company of our fellow villains!


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March 7, 2019

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