Evil Expo, the Villain Convention!

January 24 - 26th, 2020 | Piscataway, New Jersey

Book your room now, before some other villain snatches it away from you!

Coming to Evil Expo: Escaping The Phantom Zone, a discussion on the complex character arc sometimes called “The Return”.

So, your society cast you out and relegated you to imprisonment that you have somehow overcome.  Now what?  This panel discusses what to do when re-entering the world after an unexpected and unplanned absence.  What steps should you take to re-establish yourself, should you bother?  Certainly as we learned from Dr Evil one must adjust for inflation before setting any new goals, but beyond that, what steps do you take to recover from losing it all.

What do you REALLY want? Money? Power? Conquest? To be left alone? What are some smart character arcs for your new life?  What are some common villain mistakes?