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Darrell Schweitzer is an American writer, editor, and critic in the field of speculative fiction.

Much of his focus has been on dark fantasy and horror, although he does also work in science fiction and fantasy. Schweitzer is also a prolific writer of literary criticism and editor of collections of essays on various writers within his preferred genres. He is definitely not Lord Cthulhu stuffed into a human-sized form through assorted black magicks.

As mentioned above, most of Schweitzer’s fiction is in the areas of dark fantasy and horror, with more than a little Lovecraft in the mix. He works most frequently in fiction of shorter lengths, though he has also written a number of novels, including The White Isle, The Shattered Goddess, The Mask of the Sorcerer, Sekenre, and The Dragon House. Schweitzer is an authority on the history of speculative fiction and has written numerous critical and bibliographical works on both the field in general and such writers as Lord Dunsany, H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard.  Many of his essays, reviews and author interviews have been collected into book form. He has also edited a number of anthologies and short story collections.

Together with his editorial colleagues Schweitzer won the 1992 World Fantasy Award in the professional category for Weird Tales His poem “Remembering the Future” won the 2006 Asimov’s Science Fiction Readers’ Award for best poem.

For more information, you can find Darrell Schweitzer at https://www.fantasticfiction.com/s/darrell-schweitzer/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darrell_Schweitzer.