Evil Expo 2021

February 19-21, 2021

Piscataway, New Jersey

Evil Expo, the World's Greatest Convention For Villains and Villainy, returns! Come be a part of it!

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STILL ON! Don't forget to check out our summer event, Gilt & Fanfare: A Halloween Circus Dream! (That's June 5-7th, 2021, also at the Radisson of Piscataway!)

In the summer of 2018 an immense force emerged from the vast abyss of dark and extreme music. It was passionate, and even beautiful at times, yet constantly concealed by ambient dread. Vicious and harsh it could lash out with unrelenting speed and hateful anger. Yet another mysterious and diabolical creature has loomed out of New Jersey.

Dark Reverence combines the cacophonous landscape of black metal with the slow and dreary atmosphere of traditional goth music. Being true reverers of darkness, the members have infused other genres and styles to their craft during their journey through the abyss. Elements of industrial and celtic opera can be easily discernible at times, while the conventional sounds of blues and rock have succumbed to savagery.

Hailing from the horrifying black metal band, Acryptylyse, Lord of Horns combines his richly dark, atmospheric, and often creepy and dread-filled music with Legion’s diverse vocal styles. Creating more dimensions in their music, her abilities add beauty and wonder to the soundscape. Never has darkness been so enticing.

Lord of Horns takes the helm when creating and producing music. He composes and arranges the music and records all instruments involved. Being an accomplished bassist, he inserts bass solos into assorted selections. He plays bass and contributes backing vocals during live performances. Following through to ensure his creations are properly presented as he envisioned, Lord of Horns also edits, mixes, and masters each song. He is serious about his art and he meticulously labors over each step during the creative process.

Legion fronts the band with her stunning and mysterious beauty. She is very vocally talented with a wide range. Her pseudonym was chosen due to her ability to sing in multiple styles and voices. Legion easily switches from lower tones to higher operatic ones and back. In one song she may sound seductive while in the next she is applying cruel, animalistic growls like those trademarked in black metal. Still in others she sounds wicked like a sorceress lusting for power or eternal life. Dark Reverence continues to explore and experiment with the abilities and limits of Legion’s voice.

Contributing to the overall product of Lord of Horns’ creations, Legion concentrates on finding vocal melodies that either accent the music or can be accented by the music. They both work together to find which styles and melodies she should utilize for each piece. Experimentation is key during this stage as there are so many options for Legion to employ. Dark Reverence takes its time narrowing down and selecting how to best present the vocals with every song.

The lyrics of Dark Reverence are written by both members; sometimes originating as poems or stories. Their themes are as diverse as their influences, however a few topics seem to be recurring. Many songs display perceptions of love from a skewed or deranged mind, while a select few are about obtaining power and dominance in physical or mystical ways. Some are also about battling or accepting the demons -metaphorically and spiritually – in and around the writers.

With a slew of influences and a legion of voices, Dark Reverence is an entrancing, ever-consuming cloud welcoming its audience into its own abyss. Without any specific genre to dwell under, Lord of Horns and Legion have mapped out their own space in the vastness of the dark music landscape; defining their sound as Savage Goth.