Evil Expo 2021

February 19-21, 2021

Piscataway, New Jersey

Evil Expo, the World's Greatest Convention For Villains and Villainy, returns! Come be a part of it!

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STILL ON! Don't forget to check out our summer event, Gilt & Fanfare: A Halloween Circus Dream! (That's June 5-7th, 2021, also at the Radisson of Piscataway!)

Hailing from New Jersey, CHMCL STR8JCKT fuse old school metal guitars and rock n’ roll attitude with a classic Wax Trax! industrial sound to bring you a new & sinister brand of “outlaw industrial” that acts as a perfect soundtrack to Villainy!

Releasing their self-titled debut in 2017, the band quickly found a dedicated audience amongst metal heads and industrial purists alike. Critics spoke favorably about the album, citing a stylistic proximity to classics by Ministry, KMFDM & Revolting Cocks while praising the group for their “significant originality” (Noise Beneath The Snow) and ability to recreate the late 80s/90s sonic aura of the legends without falling prey to becoming a tribute act. “The memories of high times of industrial music shall be revived with the debut of America’s CHMCL STR8JCKT!” (Sonic Seducer). An influx of airplay on independent and internet radio stations saw the band quickly become a favorite of industrial DJ’s around the globe, and a rising star amongst the serious outfits keeping industrial music alive.

In 2018, the band collaborated with industrial and electronic acts across the world on a track by track remix of their debut album. Titled RMX, this release featured 8 remixed & reimagined songs courtesy of Leaether Strip, Adoration Destroyed, Biohacker and more. Welcoming sounds from the EBM, darkwave and new wave world into their classic blend of industrial & metal, this remix album became a hit amongst underground DJ’s (and fans of the band) and helped to expand on their already weighty sound.

2019 saw the band sign with the legendary Cleopatra Records and release their most ambitious album yet. Titled WRTCHD THNGS (the band hates vowels), this sophomore album was the beginning a new partnership with producer John Bechdel (keyboardist of Ministry, Killing Joke, Fear Factory, etc) and their first release on a major label. Honing in on a more mature version of their signature “outlaw industrial” sound, this 11 track offering is steeped in a shadowy veneer that borders on seedy but avoids becoming satirical, and sees the band exploring lush synth and electronic elements while maintaining a basis in cutting guitar riffs and booming percussion. Described by some as “Skinny Puppy on steroids”, this album was quickly adopted by fans old and new as the bands quintessential release and has received massive airplay on underground radio & amongst the DJ community.

“..WRTCHD THNGS is not only a glorious homage to the era of Wax Trax! music, it feels like a revival. Laden with catchy dark tunes and themes, it makes for one hell of a fun ride…not only reminding us of the alternative scene’s roots, but also proving that it still very much has its place in the modern era.” -Epitome of Epic