Life is short, meaningless, and we’re all going to die. Might as well buy that…

What to expect

You can expect to see Aniyah Lyszt and her fellow depraved denizen Ray Ayun stalking the halls of Evil Expo, corrupting the magnificently mouldable minds of the madames et monseuirs in attendance at their educational programs!If they aren’t teaching, you can bet they’re out providing their patronage to purveyors of pulchritudinous parcels! As Aniyah always says, “Life is short, meaningless, and we’re all going to die. Might as well buy that…”

Who we are

Aniyah Lyszt is a Pennsylvania based costume designer and maker, adult novelty, event/hotel and cosmetics reviewer, character impersonator and aspiring cannabis educator and sexologist. She had been learning to sew since childhood & has since graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts, but did a complete 180 in her career path after college when she discovered her penchant for adult education in taboo subjects. If it makes someone uncomfortable, it’s probably something she’ll love talking about!However, as a huge dork, she’ll drop everything to proclaim her love for the Original Star Wars Trilogy for an hour, upon request.You can find Aniyah and her partner in crime Ray Ayun tag teaming at events, providing educational nerdy antics anywhere they program together. Ray, being a fresh face to the hobbyist world of online streaming, wears his gamer colours with pride, specializing his programming in (but not exclusively) around video and card games as both an aspiring game analyst and writer. While he does have a background in Computer Programming, the continued prevalence of the E-sports scene in the world sparked an interest in being a video game analyst. Having a love for League of Legends after 9 years of play, he emphasizes that players work together rather than be toxic for the growth of the game. Ray strives to keep his content educational and informative for folks of all types, gamers or otherwise. When the focus isn’t on games like League, he enjoys series such as the SoulsBorne games or most recently Monster Hunter: World.

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