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Author. Creator of The Splendiferous One. Deviser of Worlds. Logophile. Imaginator. Commander of Cats, Master of None.

What I Bring

Piranha Tank – audience members pitch their plan to conquer/take over and/or destroy the world to a panel of villains (and maybe one hero as a wild card) who critique their plan

Who I am?

M.G. Martin was born to a flamenco dancer and an International Man of Mystery in the great state of New York ‘lo these many years ago. A precocious child, she started writing while still in elementary school and dreamt of becoming a published author. As she became an adult, she eschewed the life of a struggling artist and thrust herself into the world of business to emerge a self-made thousandaire. Returning to her lifelong dream, M.G. is currently working on her first novel in the High-Fantasy genre.

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