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Orc Girl Comics Brings the Monsters and Maidens #evilexpo

Comics and art prints of monsters and the maidens who love them.

What to expect

I’ll be selling copies of my comic “Orc Girl.” I’ll also be selling prints, masks, stickers and other related merchandise including fan art of various fantasy and horror genres. I’ll also be selling prints of my other personal project: “Monsters and the Maidens Who Love Them.”

Who I am

Hi, I’m Ami Mercury. I am an alternative model, writer and illustrator. I love creating stories about fantastical monster-themed romances. I have been writing and illustrating webcomics for over 10 years, and started working on my current project, Orc Girl, about 4 years ago. I’ve always loved monsters and villains in fiction, especially when romance was involved, and often felt sorry for them when they found themselves the victims of unrequited love. As a result, I now center all of my works around the monsters and villains finally getting the love they deserve.

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