Nancy Walker- Official Event Photographer

I am Nancy C Walker and I started life as a wallflower watching people. Then I learned that if I held a camera people didn’t think that I was quite so odd, so I threw myself into learning photography. It wasn’t long before my passion, technical know-how, and natural artistic talent developed into a uniquely authentic style that is also technically sound enough for use in advertising. While my stock images are represented by several agencies, I am most known for my coverage of events ranging from multi-day A-list celebrity parties to local cultural events.”

-Nancy C. Walker

Nancy is a creative soul wrapped in an overactive imagination. Her contemporary romance writing and photography explores human nature and belief through a thought-provoking view of the world. Her characters find love in the oddest of places while dealing with the philosophical questions of everyday life. Her goal is to show people they can succeed beyond the limits society imposes on them.

Nancy grew up as a child of the world and has experienced a variety of cultures and belief systems. These experiences are the basis for her fascination with religion, human nature, and how relationships work. She has a degree in English Literature, a minor in Sociology, and regularly studies religious texts of different faiths. She is currently writing her debut novel and working to obtain her MFA in Creative Writing and English Literature.

Nancy lives with her Native American husband of 30 years and her two boys on their reservation in rural Connecticut. When she is not creating images, reading, or writing, Nancy can be found with her family at cultural events, supporting the local Honor Guard, or crafting.

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