Ming the Merciless - coming to Evil Expo 2020!

“Ahhh…now my victory is complete. With Flash Gordon dead, nothing can stop me from conquering the universe!”  ― Ming the Merciless

Behold! Classic Scifi, Fantasy, and Other Villainous Movie Gems, presented in a binge-worthy fest of lovingly selected films to entertain and thrill you!  You do not want to miss this ongoing fest of cinematic villainy!  

Have you ever had the pleasures of watching original, old-school scifi, horror, and fantasy movies–not on some digital system, but projected in their original format, through real 16mm projectors?

The incredible Movie Mike is coming to Evil Expo and bringing some of the most daring villains in classic movie history.  Don’t miss this!   You’ll be seeing classics of cinema–some of which aren’t even available in modern formats (yes, there is still media out there that isn’t yet available in digital!)

Movie Mike’s passion is the great scifi films of the past. What could a villain do, back in the days before CGI and huge special effects budgets?  Be that villain to the very hilt, of course!  And it was such a different time, before the modern popularity of the scifi and fantasy themes which are now (relatively!) normal to the theatres of today.

“Every once in a while I have what I think of as an out-of-the-body experience at a movie. When the ESP people use a phrase like that, they’re referring to the sensation of the mind actually leaving the body and spiriting itself off to China or Peoria or a galaxy far, far away. When I use the phrase, I simply mean that my imagination has forgotten it is actually present in a movie theater and thinks it’s up there on the screen. In a curious sense, the events in the movie seem real, and I seem to be a part of them.”

-Roger Ebert.