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Movie Mike is here with some OLD SCHOOL Films!

Movie Mike Presents Real 16mm Film, Not Video!

Watching real film is a different experience than watching TV at home. It is a ceremonial event as we sit together as a community in a darkened to room share a bigger than life dream. The big screen adds the element of grand spectacle which Aristotle in his Poetics says speaks directly to the heart. We will be meeting an assortment of villains in this assortment of serial chapters from the 30s and 40s that I have chosen for you:


PULP FICTION THRILLS! An assortment of first-chapters of a variety of serials.  Chapter One is designed to pull you in with foretaste of the best bits, establishes all the story elements, introduces the  hero, the villain, supporting characters, and ends in a classic cliffhanger. Always the most coherent and entertaining chapter. Here’s your chance to see a cross-section of this rich, exciting genre of the 30s and 40s. 

DICK TRACY RETURNS (1938) with Ralph Byrd as the comic-strip detective pitted against superbly villainous Charles Middleton as Pa Stark and his five evil sons, called Champ, Trigger, Dude, The Kid and Slasher.

ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL (1941) In a hidden chamber behind an ancient tomb, young Billy Batson meets the wizard Shazam, who offers him the powers of the Greek gods in order to combat evil.  A puff of smoke, and little Junior Coughlin becomes massive Tom Tyler, with a cute half-cape and a lightning bolt on his chest.

ZORRO’S FIGHTING LEGION (1939) Reed Hadley is the masked swordsman out to save the newborn republic of Mexico from a fiend hidden in an armored suit of gold. Don Del Oro is posing as a god to control the local Indians to aid him in his plans to become emperor. The treatment of Mexicans as respectable and competent patriots trying to build to build a true and stable democracy is praiseworthy. The song Zorro and his men sing as they ride is not.

UNDERSEA KINGDOM (1936) Handsome, muscular Crash Corrigan is eye candy for the ladies as he works out shirtless before donning naval togs to go down to Atlantis in the Atomic Submarine. The Lost Continent is made of leftover props from the silent Ben-Hur and Noah’s Ark, it’s ruled by Monte Blue as a madman in a silly hat.  He’s got cavalry and charioteers, a bomber blimp and a high-speed armored car, plus robots.

FLASH GORDON CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE (1940) Jump on Dr. Zarkov’s rocket and we’re off to Mongo, the planet of adventure, to battle Ming The Merciless! See a fiendish weapon of mass destruction, classic heroism and villainy, plus laughably crude special effects. With wonderful music, costumes and props, lots of thrills and action, with characters accurately based on Alex Raymond’s superb comic strip. With athletic Buster Crabbe as the vigorous action hero and Charles Middleton’s wonderful portrayal of the diabolically evil tyrant Ming.

And here is a bit of nostalgia for the old and a giggle for the young:


EDUCATIONAL SCARE FILMS SEX ED with a bushy-haired hippie teacher in striped bell-bottoms who takes impertinent questions about sex from a roomful of frisky teens! Plus a squeamish short as two teen boys discuss their suspicions that one of their friends is gay They want to go camping, shall they invite him?

ADVICE ABOUT LICE, an icky hygiene film!

STRANGER DANGER MINI-DRAMAS guaranteed to make any child afraid of talking to anyone, anywhere in an over-the-top warning!

ANTIDRUG PSAs including a shocking appearance by Sonny Bono in a leisure suit! McGRUFF gives a stern warning and takes a bite out of crime!

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