Monitor – a new cyberpunk graphic novel

Data is the only currency. Privacy is the only crime.

What we bring

Monitor is a dark sci-fi noir thriller that will appeal to fans of Blade Runner, Minority Report, Altered Carbon, and Black Mirror.This is an independent, creator-owned 100-page graphic novel by Damian Wampler (writer/creator) and Elisabeth Mkheidze (lines), with color by Lukasz Juśkiewicz, and featuring a cover by Drax Gal and Nick Wentland.The graphic novel is only available on Kickstarter now until November 30.

Who we are

Damian Wampler is a U.S. diplomat, born and raised in Delaware. He earned a B.A. in English and Anthropology from Boston University and an M.A. in Russian and Central Asian Studies from UW-Madison. Damian began his art career in photography and play writing, finding success when his play Twin Towers was accepted into New York City’s Planet Connections Theater Festival in 2009. Damian’s work as a fine art documentary photographer led to two images from his series Darfur in Brooklyn being purchased by the Brooklyn Museum and are held in their permanent collection. Broken Icon Comics published Damian’s first graphic novel, “Sevara”, in 2015. His short comic, “Kingdom of Ashes”, appeared in Geometry Literary Magazine in June 2019. He has three new graphic novels in production – Monsterly (with Elisabeth Mkheidze), Arrowhead (a sci-fi adaptation of Moby Dick), and The Rum-Running Queen. He also works as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. State Department, currently stationed overseas at the U.S. embassy in Moscow.

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