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MollyMolotov666: Commercial Creator / Sound Engineer / Voice Act

Actor – Foley Artist – Sound Editor – Writer – Horror Movie Addict – Troma Junkie – Pro Wrestling Enthusiast – Drag Fan – Audio Erotica Creator – #VillainPunk

What I bring

The Evil Lord sent me. I’ve made promotional media (a radio commercial) for Evil Expo in the past, I’m down for more. I had a lot of fun, and I frankly love the idea of the Expo. I’m even planning on coming down for the next one! If I can help in anyway, I’d love to.

Who I am

Hi! I’m Molly.

By day, I’m a professional practical foley artist and sound engineer, specializing in stage and live radio. Basically, I’m a storyteller by trade.

-I’ve done extensive work with the Post Meridian Radio Players (

-3 years with Antioch University’s shadowing program in Yellowsprings, Ohio, where I worked with several local theaters as a grip and best boy

.-10 years traveling and with “Nolan Amusements.” I did carnival work, but also had a hands on role in advertising and merchandising by my seventh year working for them.

-I went to university for performance arts and advertising for three years at Antioch U. in Ohio.

I’ve been in the following plays:

“Beyond Grimm: The Hare” – PMRP

“Beyond Grimm: The Boy Who Drew Cats” – PMRP

The Van Helsing Chronicles Present: “Dracula” and “The Beetle” – PMRP

“Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty’s Mysteries” – PMRP

“Sherlock Holmes: Mrs. Hudson Investigates” – PMRP

I was cast in “Plan 9 From Outer Space” pre-pandemic. – PMRP

“The Insanity of Mary Girard” – College performance

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum – College performance

“Romeo and Juliet” – High school…the list kind of goes on and on, so I’ll bore you the details. My experience in theater goes back to 1998, when I did foley for my first play “Tom and Huck” for my middle school.

I’ve been in the following movie:

“Cartels:” A youtube GTAV full-length movie. I play Diablo, an assassin. (

I’m also a singer in a punk band called “The Double Helix Factory: (

By night, however, I apply my talents to the creation of high concept, well executed erotic audio stories. There’s links on my Twitter if you’re curious, but I thought linking them in what is basically a job application might be a bit crass. I’m a villain, but still a lady, haha.

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