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Model Citizen 3D Printing, Finishing and Solutions

By the fans, for the fans. Limited and custom figurines/collectibles.

What we bring

We plan to bring a wide range of figurines of fan favorite villains from manga, anime, television, video games and movies. In addition to our exclusive statuette releases we also plan to be selling full size cosplay masks for all your nefarious cosplay requirements. There will also be a minimum of three raffles for some never before seen eeeeevil prints!

Who we are

We are a father and son small business printing nerdy collectibles of our own favorite nerd culture icons and beyond. The collectibles market is mainstream now more than ever, but in the process a lot of more niche fandoms have been left behind or standardization of collectibles has led to a downturn in quality. We’re proud to offer a nearly limitless selection of customization options tailored to any customers request. We say we print our collectibles for the fans and we mean it. We offer free quotes and go above and beyond to ensure that even the most vague of requests becomes a truly unique collectible to be treasured.

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