What’s the STRATEGIC choice between a well-deserved revenge and a useful ‘mercy’?

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Have you ever considered showing your enemies mercy?Don’t be ashamed. It happens even to the best of us.Some have advocated that mercy is sometimes necessary on ethical grounds.Some have pointed out that it has strategic advantages.Some have even noted that vengeance can be difficult and expensive, whereas forgiveness often leads to a significant net savings.Others have pointed out that ruling by love is seldom as effective as ruling by fear; that if you want your enemies to respect you, if you want them to avoid tangling with you, it’s very helpful if some of them are in the midst of some sort of horrible fate worse than doom. Not only does it take care of at least one set of foes, but it makes the others reconsider just a tad.So: Vengeance versus forgiveness. Is there ever a time for the latter? Is it better to be known as someone capable of showing mercy, who can be reasoned with, or someone who must either be avoided or destroyed, because no force on earth can hold back your fury?In this engaging panel, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both.

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