Olshan is a New York-based journalist, editor and photographer who has been archiving 16mm film for over 40 years. He was formerly editor of the film/TV production journal Millimeter and of Videoplay Magazine.  He’s best known as the screening producer and film show host Movie Mike.

Over the years, Mike has produced various film screenings for colleges, museums, senior centers, schools and pub back rooms. His work includes screening and lecturing at the Anthology Film Archives, Millennium Film Workshop, Spectacle Theater and the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema.  

For the past several decades, Mike has produced an annual outdoor Community Garden Series in Brooklyn. He has also hosted Vintage Film Rooms at the Lunacon, Heliosphere, Boskone, Albacon, and Balticon Science-Fiction Conventions, the Evil Expo and the Steampunk Halloween Festival.  He started out as The Voice In The Night for the Midnight Movie Madness shows at Collective Unconscious in the East Village.

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